Kujukuri Coast

1) Scenic view and beaches

Beautiful sunrise and sunset can be seen in Shirako when the weather is fine. The beach with moonlight is also another romantic moment.

Shirako's 3 bathing beaches are a part of the longest beach in Japan, Kujukuri on Pacific Coast. Those beaches are accessible by walk from most of accommodations in Shirako.

2) Food from the sea

Kujukuri Coast brings not only the scenic view but also fresh seafood to us. At dinner time in Shirako, you will find, for example, seasonal sashimi (raw fish), Ise-ebi(Japanese lobster), Awabi (abalone), Hamaguri (clam) etc. Make sure dinner menu upon reservation, as some seafood.

3) Marine sports

Of course, as a sports resort, surfing, fishing, beach volley and other marine leisure activities are also available there.