Over 20 accommodations are available in Shirako and here is the list of those hotel and Ryokans (Japanese traditional inn) welcoming international travelers even though they might be limited in English and other languages.
Majorities of their rooms are Japanese traditional style with tatami mat floors.
Accommodation category is in vary and some room are without private bath and toilet.
Make sure what kind of room and, if you would, available sports facilities upon reservation.

Click each accommodation's name to find more information about it.

Ownership of tennis court

Onsen [hot spring]

You can go to a hot springs or a spa. You don't have to stay.

Accommodation name   Major facilities available +81
Minshuku Mimatsu   Homely, Large satisfying meal 475-33-3478
Minshuku Sannoya-sou   Homely, Fresh seafood 475-33-2096
Shirako Youth Hostel   Youth hostel, Welcome families 475-33-2254
Seishotei Shirasuna Open‐air Onsen, Reserved a bath, Day trip to Onsen 475-33-3523
Shoutouen   Condominium, State of being fully equipped 475-33-2020
Minshuku Tsunayoshiya   Homely 475-33-3903
Sports Minshuku Hatanaka   Be available take a bath all day 475-33-3904
Minshuku Houyou-sou   Homely, Home cooking 475-33-2403
Umibeno Yado Gontaya   Near the coast 475-33-5111
Minshuku Tokiyo-sou   Homely 475-33-3440
Hotel New Otsuka Party venue, Gymnastic hall 475-33-2363
Hotel Tohtenko Party venue, Gymnastic hall 475-33-3100
Green Palace Good for group 475-33-2364
Shirako New Seaside Hotel Sauna, Day trip to Onsen 475-30-3555
Shirako White Palace Near the coast 475-33-3005
Kanego Minatomaru Local cuisine, Homemade 475-33-3128
Hotel Jounouchi-sou Ultrasonic wave fine view bath 475-33-2325
Hotel New Kanei Open‐air Onsen, Day trip to Onsen, Playground 475-33-2511
Resort inn Masaya Seafood meal, Fishing guide 475-33-2098
Hotel Green Mukai Fine view bath, Day trip to Onsen 475-33-2203
Shirako Sunrise Otsuka Fine view bath, Day trip to Onsen 475-30-2221
Annex Sunshine Annex of Hotel Sunshine Shirako 475-33-2121
Hotel Tokaiso Seafood meal, Day trip to Onsen, Indoor court 475-33-2061
Minshuku Matsuya   Homely 475-33-2077
Hotel Kaanapali Fine view bath 475-33-2045
Hotel Hamamurasaki Japanese-style hotel, Open‐air Onsen, Day trip to Onsen 475-33-3115
Hotel New Shirako Day trip to Onsen 475-33-3274
New Yamanaka-sou Fresh seafood meal 475-33-3226
Hotel Sunshine Shirako Meetings / Training, 12 courts, Day trip to Onsen 475-33-2121
Sunny inn Mukai Indoor court 475-33-2133
Ryokan Takenoya Good for Relaxation 475-33-2282
Hotel Famy Kataoka Indoor court 475-33-2340
Pension Chiisana Shiroi Ie   Hospitality 475-33-5931
Hotel Hakuyo Classical style 475-33-7511
Minshuku Wako   Homely, Seafood meal 475-33-3373